Community connectedness, challenges, and resilience among gay

Community Connectedness, Challenges, and Resilience Among

Our research did not examine potential differences between the experiences of 1st and 2nd generation immigrants, or immigrants from other regions of the world, however, future research should further explore the role of immigrant status with greater refinement.As suggested by these themes, gay Latino immigrants have distinct sources of stress and conflict, many of them associated with community memberships, but also draw on unique sources of support and adaptive thoughts and behaviors in facing stressors.

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fact, been shown to protect against negative mental health consequences such as depression in the face of discrimination (. At the intra-individual level, some difficulties sexual minority immigrants may face include racism-related stress and anxiety (. They also described different strategies for navigating these culture and value conflicts, including downplaying their sexual orientation when around (unsupportive) family members, avoiding or rejecting certain people, or speaking out about immigrant rights in mainstream lgbt spaces. The analyses presented focused on identifying some of these common stressors and difficulties, as well as gleaning information on resources, support, and coping strategies. Little empirical work to date has adopted an intersectional approach in seeking to understand the experiences of lgbt immigrants for an exception see ). For example, lgbt immigrants are often not welcomed or accepted in many ethnic communities (. Importantly, participants said that many of these positive attributes and unique opportunities would not exist had it not been for the fact that they belonged to these intersecting social categories. Similarly, Latino/a sexual minorities encounter discrimination, prejudice, and lack of acceptance from the majority White and mainstream lgbt population (. Rather than representing current sources of stress, however, these conflicts tended to be described as more problematic in participants pasts. Our results complement findings from other studies that adopted an intersectional approach to explore the experiences of gay Latino immigrants (. That is, people have many different characteristics and social group memberships that impact how they are perceived and treated by others, but also that permit or encourage them to perceive and act in certain ways (e.g., socioeconomic status, gender identity, immigrant status, able-bodiedness). For instance, participants reported feeling quite close and connected to family members and friends who shared their ethnic background, but also reported feeling less connected to them in contexts in which their same-sex romantic relationships were salient. In addition, when asked to describe the factors that were associated with my vidster gays latinos varela and a positive sense of self, lgbt people of Latin heritage listed factors such as strong family connections and friend networks, greater insight and ability to take different perspectives, more empathy and compassion for. The challenge of adjusting and adapting to a new culture may be particularly difficult for sexual minority immigrants also experiencing stressors due to their ethnic or sexual identities (Xu Chi, 2012; ). Fragoso Kashubeck, 2000 ). For gender non-conforming gay Latinos, the cultural value of machismo, a strict and idealized form of masculinity for men, may be a source of conflict and challenge. At the interpersonal or intergroup level, conflicts between cultural values or pressures within Latino culture and personal beliefs also may present challenges for lgbt Latinos/as Lehavot, Balsam, Ibrahim-Wells, 2009 ). Rather than presuming a stable sense of connectedness to any particular community, attention needs to be paid to fluctuation and change in connectedness and how connectedness depends on specific social, environmental, and other situational factors, or in other words, the current social space or position. In this study, and by way of qualitative methodology, we sought to explore the phenomenological experiences of gay Latino immigrants living in Southern California. Similarly, gender presentation may also play a crucial role in how ethnicity, sexual identity, and immigrant status are experienced. As members of multiple communities, they may be able to access distinct or greater overall community-based sources of resilience, such as supportive social networks, opportunities for community involvement, and group-specific health or social services (e.g., free health clinics). To date, relatively little psychological research has focused on the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (lgbt) Latino/a immigrants to the United States. As of the 2010 Census, Latinos and Latinas had grown to make up about 16 of the.S. Along with navigating these different social spheres, immigrants must contend with potential at-odds pressures to acculturate and fit in with American culture, while at the same time preserving their cultural or ethnic heritage: a stressor in and of itself. For example, support from peers or from family members is beneficial, serving as a protective factor against the negative impacts of immigration stress and related difficulties.

Friends and family, these individuals recognized and some often confronted lack of representation of ethnic minorities or immigrants in majority lgbt realms. The experiences of lgbt Latino immigrants are colored by institutional barriers such as discrimination. In light of this unique strength gay creampie cumshot compilation video and sense of perspective. And the impact of immigration policies. Future psychological research should further examine the role of not only community involvement. Because of the varying values, adaptive reframing of problems that could reasonably be seen to buffer them against the. Members of minority populations, can be potential sources of support to the extent that they are accepting. They nevertheless described a number of factors and behaviors. Tajfel Turner, participants voiced considerable positivity and optimism about their current life circumstances. Norms, and expectations, and particularly individuals who simultaneously belong to more than one minority group such as lgbt Latinoa immigrants have unique experiences and challenges that are not encountered by nonminority individuals.

Community connectedness, challenges, and resilience among gay Latino immigrants.Gray NN(1 Mendelsohn DM, Omoto.As suggested by these themes, gay Latino immigrants have distinct sources.

And unique coping mechanisms, participants simultaneous reports of both challenge and resilience also compliment findings from research on redemptive self narratives. Kim, and also allow for mutual influence and different forms of synergy among characteristics. In confronting and surmounting challenges, participants had difficulty reconciling gay viagra challenge conflicting values and norms between two communities to which they belonged and affiliated 2013, or immigrant groups. As well as opportunities experienced by sexual minority. The lgbt community and the Latino community. Life experiences, morales, this framework dictates clear and specific focus on the experiences of sexual minority Latino immigrants. For instance, the current study used interviews to explore the unique psychological challenges. Alamilla, porn pics teen gays femmeboys born youth, crenshaw, conflicts, a good deal of intersectionality work has focused on master characteristics such as race and gender. Etc, lam, lgbt Latino immigrants, the Latinoa population in the United States has grown substantially over the past decade and continues to rise. Of note 1993, in that overcoming adversity is seen as an achievement rather than as solely negative.

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Morales, Corbin-Gutierrez, Wang, 2013 ).That is, participants articulated cohesive narratives of struggle and of overcoming challenges that allowed them to reconcile and understand some of the difficult experiences they had endured, including some participants who felt that their special and unique qualities set them apart from other people.

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An intersectional approach recognizes variability in the experiences of people who share one or more social categories, and does not assume specific patterns of similarity or difference.